Securing the future for your child with special needs should not be a complicated thing to do as long as you have guidance from knowledgeable professionals with a passion for working with families such as yours to get this important planning done. You can have peace of mind when you go to bed tonight by getting started.

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About Us

Special Needs Planning - The Easier Way !

Ryan Platt and Keith Caldwell have spent the last several years working on creating a easy to follow special needs planning system for parents. We started with the premise answering the question of "Who would take care of your child with special needs when you are gone?" and this project is the culmination of this effort.

Ryan is a chartered special needs planning consultant with years of experience working with families nationwide on this important planning. Ryan serves on the Board of the Arc of North Carolina and is a frequent contributor and presenter for special needs organizations throughout the United States. 

Keith Caldwell is a non-expert father of two young men with the youngest having a disability. Keith started down this journey when woke up in a cold sweat one night concerned about his lack of long term plan and not having an answer to the question we posed earlier. 

How to Secure the Future is the brainchild of us working together to find ways to organize the information you need and present it in a format that is easy to follow - The Premier Special Needs Planning System